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Jon Melby

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Jon is a professional Airshow Pilot with over 40 years in the world of aviation.   The life that he has lived is filled with adventure.  From the time he was four years old until today.  Here is a partial list of what Jon has experienced in his lifetime:

  • Ice hockey player
  • Freestyle skier
  • Slalom skier
  • Giant Slalom skier
  • Motocross racer
  • Business owner
  • Musician
  • Air Force Special Operations veteran
  • Professional airshow pilot

By listening/watching this podcast series, you will learn valuable insights about how to move from your comfort zone in life.   With time, you will be able to comfortably enjoy the life of the Danger Zone….the areas in which you fear.

About this podcast

This podcast series – “Danger Zone Life” is meant to help you, the listener, learn more about managing fear in your life.   It is filled with life examples from your host, Jon Melby along with many guest speakers.   Those who are guests on this podcast series have lived in the Danger Zone in their life for many years.   They are experts in how to take a dream and make it become reality.

If you have hopes and dreams of any kind, this podcast is for you!   You can learn more about how to manage fear in your life at our main site JonMelby.com.   There you will find more information about what managing fear in life can bring you on your way to happiness fulfillment.   Going from where you are in your “comfort zone” to the exciting world of your life in the Danger Zone.

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