Balance the unbalanced Job

Okay…let’s talk about the “job” and maintaining balance.   One of the most crippling things in a person’s life is to have areas in their life cause them to be unbalanced.   In this episode, Jon talks about ensuring your job doesn’t consume your happiness or your time.   Your job should be something that is fair for your “work – life balance” so you are a happy person.

Recently, Jon went to lunch with a really good friend of his – Scott (aka “Scotty).   They have worked together for over 18 years in the same large company and find it hard even to go have lunch together.  Fortunately, they connected for some Chinese food and discussed a bunch of aspects of their lives.   During the conversation, Jon asked Scotty about his work life.  Why it seemed that he worked so many hours.   Nights, weekends, and even holidays were open game for working.   Whereas, Jon fits his work schedule into a 40 (or less) hour work week.

One of the areas that Scotty brought up is the “value system” for his own life.  That if he doesn’t dot the “i’s and cross the “tees”, that maybe he will not be perceived as valuable to his management and the firm.   Looking for perfection that everything is organized, well put together, and consistantly so.   From Jon’s perspective, Scotty is the ultimately manager-employee.   All of his work effort is top notch and he is well respected.   But the question came up about how Scotty feels regarding his balance between work and the rest of his life.  He said, quite honestly it isn’t.   That he felt compelled to really go beyond the extra mile to manage what was in front of him.  Even if it made him feel guilty that other ares in his life may take a hit due to the time.

Jon mentions that he had received some coaching from one of the podcasts that he listens to.  They said that if you are going to own your own business, then you need to be a strong leader.  A decision maker who doesn’t hesitate.   If you are not someone like that, then you need to hire someone who is or get out of business because you will fail.  One of the ways you can tell what type of personality you are is via the D.I.S.C. test.  He mentioned going to Tony Robins website and scroll to the bottom.  There you will find the DISC evaluation for free.   While there at Tony’s site, check out what he offers for coaching and self-improvement because he is awesome!

Jon took the DISC survey and found out that he is an extremely high (D)-Decision maker.   The survey stated that when not acting in a capacity of being a sole leader, he moves over to being a high (I) which is interpersonal.  Someone who has the ability to influence others if not in the leader seat.   The other two categories include S and C which are more the conservative and cautious personality types.  In this survey, Jon scored very low on both of these categories.  Thinking about Scotty, Jon feels that if he took the DISC survey, that Scotty would be higher in the S and C areas.   Interestingly, that is probably why Jon and Scotty get along so well.  They are polar opposites in many areas, yet they embrace each other’s abilities and personalities. As Jon states, it is very much like the political climate today in America.  The right and the left at odds with one-another.  But, we can all hopefully get along as it is still one country.

During the discussion that Jon and Scotty had, many thoughts were introduced.   But the main point is that working a balanced life is so important.  Whether you own your own company or you work for someone else.   Knowing that you are great at what you do also means you need to say “No” sometimes.  That other people will want to dump their work on your lap because you are so good.   Maybe they do it to work less or maybe to take credit for your greatness.  Either way, you have to have a “teflon” skin and don’t let anything stick to you.  Unless you want it to.   Keep the work life as balanced as possible.  Work smarter not harder.  Realize that if you can, work less than the required weekly hours but accomplish more.  If you paid hourly, they will want to promote you to a salary position.  As a salaried person, you will find yourself being happier than ever because you have a choice to balance your life.

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