Dreaming the dream

Dreaming the dream.  We all do it almost everyday.   We have some sort of idea that we want to become a dream someday.   Taking that dream to reality is not always easy, but when you do, it is so rewarding!  In this episode, Jon talks about how he was recently contacted to perform in a local airshow.   The show was only 10 days away and one of the pilot’s that was committed to perform has airplane issues.   They asked Jon his performance fee rate and it was much more than what they could afford.  Jon explained to them that they are a new airshow, we are all aviation advocates, and that he has the availability for the weekend.  So Jon reduced his fee to fit their budget and they were so appreciative.

While getting all the documents ready prior to the airshow, Jon talks about how rewarding it is to stop and realize something.  That all the years of hard work of becoming an airshow pilot is being used.  That the skills, gifts, and experienced gained can be used to demonstrate to others what Jon knows how to do so well.  Perform extreme aerobatics in front of a crowd.

The message to everyone is that if you have a dream, keep pursuing that dream.  Ultimately it will be something you can share with others once you gain enough experience.   In fact, his (Jon’s) wife Joy recently took up a new hobby.   She went to the local craft store and bought an introductory water color painting kit.   Joy is awesome at decorating, party planning, present wrapping, and other giving talents.  But she rarely does something for herself.   She is always giving, but not spending her time doing something for herself.   Joy made a couple of basic paintings off from the kit’s workbook.  Then she tried making one freehand.  This picture was a silhouette of herself sitting on a bed drinking a cup of coffee.   She showed Jon her new painting and he responded: “I am so proud of you!”.   Joy actually started a new hobby from a dream, is getting better, and she can share this talent with others.   Dreaming the dream is exactly that.  Sharing your gifts, talents, skills, and experience so others can enjoy and appreciate what you know.