Jon Melby’s Danger Zone Life Podcast Introduction – Video

Listen as Jon explains the purpose of this podcast series. The entire series is called Danger Zone Life with Jon Melby. With Jon’s amazing background in life, he is an expert in how to live outside of your comfort zone.

Jon talks about his:

  • Background in sports
  • Top Secret Special Operations in the Air Force
  • Life as an airshow pilot
  • Ability to manage fear through experience

Jon teaches how to manage fear in your life and this introduction sets the stage for the podcast series.


Hi everybody, it’s a Jon Melby and welcome to Episode one of the Danger Zone Life podcast! I’m an airshow pilot and I’ve got a lot of experience on how to manage fear in my life and I’m going to be doing some podcasts here that is basically about that.  I have a bunch of different things that we’re going to be doing throughout the series of this and a bunch of different episodes and so I’m going to go to my hangar and talk a little bit more.  But first listen this intro, I’ll be right back.

Okay, we’re back again my name is Jon Melby and welcome to Episode one of the danger zone life podcast series.  I’m a professional airshow pilot and I’ve been in one since 2002.  The reason why I’m having this podcast series is to be able to talk to you about fear management and all the different things that are associated with that.  Because as a pilot and I’ve been doing this for such a long time.  I have a lot of people ask me how can you do that how can you fly so close to the ground and tumble through the air.  Do all this stuff and not be afraid.  Well sometimes I am afraid and sometimes I have to go out try new maneuvers and it’s pretty scary. But I’ve learned throughout many years how to manage my fear just from experience.  A little bit about my background,  I’m only going to talk about this once or twice during this entire series.  Just kick it off so you understand where I’m coming from.

I started when I was younger I started playing ice hockey at four years old.  I was a freestyle skier I did slalom and giant slalom racing. I was a motocross racer and then I started flying airplanes at 19 years old.  That’s because I saw a guy by the name of Bob Hoover fly when I was 12 years old and I thought wow that is really cool!  This guy was doing grandpa type aerobatics…real basic stuff but it’s so cool!  How he did it and it just inspired me, I wanted to become a pilot and ultimately become an airshow pilot.  But that takes time and it takes money.  So prior to that I was in the United States Air Force and flew with the 8th Special Operations Squadron on the MC-130 which is a big four engine turboprop plane and I did special operations work with the CIA, Delta Force, SEAL teams 6, 7, & 8 and Army Special Forces.  That was an incredible period of time I’m very proud of that I’m proud of the fact that I was in the United States Air Force and as an American.  To be a veteran and that honed a lot of me at a young age how to deal with fear from a very young age.  All the way through the Air Force and when I started flying at 19 years old. I really started getting into it where I had to go push in and just start doing new things.  So in my life time I’ve done a lot of really unique things which is not the norm.  This whole podcast series is basically about fear management and all the different categories that have to do with fear.  That I’ve had to deal with and the areas that I’ve either dealt with or have not dealt with.   I’m going to have some of my friends and people that I know join his podcast series.  We are going to interview them we’re going to find out what is it that they did in order to become the greatness that they are.  Punch it through the fear to be able to fulfill their dreams.

Well, I’m here in the hangar, real quick, I’ll just show you a little bit.  Here’s a Beechcraft Bonanza.  This is a four seat airplane you can you can use it for aerobatics because it’s they only built 26 of these.  This is a 1969 Beechcraft Bonanza, it’s got leather interior it has all the instruments you need to fly in the clouds.  It also has an oxygen system so you can go up really high if you want.  It’s  got retractable gear so you can see the gear comes up and down.  The plane that I do most of my work in is here and this is called a Pitts S-1-11B.  Currently I’m flying for a company called Hangar 24 Craft Brewing Company. The airplane that I fly it’s a high-horsepower and it’s about 350 horsepower.  That airplane cruises about 200 miles an hour does 9 G’s positive and then it also does about 4 or 5 negative G’s.  What that means is that is 9 times my weight in gravity, so if I’m driving to the ground at 200 miles an hour and pull back on a stick, my body wants to keep going towards the center of the earth.  But the airplane does not and so it causes all the blood in my head to leave.   Ultimately if you’re not prepared for all the blood leaves your eyes believes your head you go unconscious.

So as an airshow pilot I take this one and I do about eight and eight and half minutes. I do 26 maneuvers so I’m bouncing all over the place and tumbling the airplane. But that’s just years of experience and I’ve had to press through on every single one of those maneuvers.  Over time learn how to be able to overcome my fear so that’s what this podcast series is about.  Hope you stick with it and as I improve and I get better.  I am learning how to do this so you’ll see me driving around a lot as I think more clearly and I’ve got ideas.  I’ll do it while I’m driving and then also I’ll have some sit-down podcasts with a full podcast studio.  I’ll be interviewing with some of my friends so as you just stick with me and with this.  Help me along by reviewing it, rate it on either iTunes or on Google…also on YouTube.  I want to hear what you have to say.  You can always go to with lots of resources there and ways you can communicate with me…also, on social media. All right, thanks for joining me and we’ll talk to you soon!